About Caravanserai

Swings to Strings

Caravanserai’s core members, Yi-Ping Chen (oboe), Jessica Embach Jankauskas (viola), and Eleanor Graham (cello) first met in their toddlers’ Musikgarten class. As recent transplants to the Shenandoah Valley, they all found themselves craving music collaborators. One conversation at the playground quickly led to late night brainstorming sessions and rehearsals full of laughter. They are very happy to have found one another.

Flexible Chamber Ensemble

The core members are the beating heart of Caravanserai, but they are not the only travelers here. Caravanserai functions by expanding and contracting based on the needs of the particular performance. From duos to full chamber orchestra pieces, the focus is on the music and the experience.

The Experience, you say?

Yes, the experience. We believe that music is collaborative – not only between performers, but rather musicians to audience, and composer to musicians. We believe that musical performances can be free from artificial formalities – that the real-time collaboration between the composer/musicians/audience can be engaging, relaxed, intimate, and playful. We believe that the process forms the product – fun rehearsals lead to fun concerts.

We want you to join us.

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